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TREE STUDY - with Ruth Downing







DATE:                          September 21, 2023 Thursday 9:30am – 3:30pm

                                    September 22, 2023 Friday 9:30am – 3:30pm

LOCATION:                 Hooked Rug Museum of North America (HRMNA) 9849 St. Margaret’s Bay Road, Hwy 3, Queensland, NS


TEACHER:                    RUTH DOWNING has been hooking for 24 years and is a certified teacher with the Teachers Branch of the Rug                                            Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia since 2011. More recently, she received her Pearl McGowan accreditation in 2018                                            through the Southern School at Ripley, West Virginia. Having completed the Fibre Arts Certification program with
                                    a Specialty in Rug Hooking through St. Lawrence College, Brockville, ON, Ruth will receive her graduation certificate                                      in May, 2023.

                                    From the moment she began hooking, Ruth’s eye has been keenly drawn to the realistic, hence her passion for fine                                      detail in portraits, fine shaded flowers and pictorials. Ruth has taught many courses in these subjects at the Nova                                        Scotia Rug Schools, Truro and Halifax, the Rug School of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Ragg Tyme School of                                      Rug Hooking at Niagara College, Ontario. Ruth has instructed portraits and pictorials at the Hooked Rug Museum of                                      North America, Hubbards, NS and has given many workshops at her home in Cow Bay, NS and in other
                                    communities around the Maritimes.

                                   Ruth was honoured and thrilled to be awarded ‘Artist of the Year’ for 2019 by the Hooked Rug Museum of North                                           America where fifteen of her pieces were on exhibit from May to October, 2019. On behalf of the RHGNS Teachers                                       Branch, Ruth authored a book published by Nimbus which was launched in November, 2022. The book is entitled,                                         ‘The Garrett Bluenose Patterns - Celebrating Nova Scotia’s Rug Hooking Heritage’. The book draws together the                                           history of the Garretts, and the involvement of Linda MacDonald, Suzanne and Hugh Conrod and the Teachers                                             Branch in preserving the historically important Bluenose patterns. Also included are many photos of stencils,
                                   patterns and rugs together with teacher notes and instructions. The book has been hugely popular among rug                                             hookers everywhere.

                                   From 2021 to 2023 Ruth has had the privilege of being the RHGNS Rug School Director at Mount Saint Vincent                                             University, Halifax. During this time three virtual schools and one in-person school have been conducted by the rug                                       school committee with the May school 2023 still in the planning stage. 151 students are registered making this                                             school the largest ever for Nova Scotia. As rewarding as this position has been, teaching continues and will always
                                   be Ruth’s passion.

WORKSHOP:              This two-day class is designed to look at different types of trees in a pictorial setting using techniques that will                                             create realistic qualities. Colour, depth, light and shadow for the foreground and background will be examined                                             extensively. The pattern is 8 ½ X 11 and will be hooked in #3 and #4 cut. There is flexibility if a student is more                                         comfortable enlarging the pattern to suit their style of hooking. The paper pattern along with a detailed student                                           letter will be emailed to the student once a class list is received. The pattern is to be transferred before class.
                                   Choose an all-purpose linen that is good for #3 to #5 cut. Detailed instructions will be emailed several weeks prior                                       to the course so the student is familiar with the material to be covered.

                                   Students will be asked to raid their stash and gather as much as possible in green tones. The teacher will also have                                     wool on hand. A little bit of bright and a little bit of dull work well together and all shades of green exist                                                     harmoniously in nature. With this in mind, collect blue/green, bronze/green, yellow/green, sage/green and                                                   grey/green in light, medium and dark shades. Solids, spot dyes, swatches and textures can all be used. The oddest                                       combinations could be a good fit so don’t rule anything out. You will only need small amounts of wool as the motifs                                     are not large. The colours for ground cover should enhance and stay in the background by not taking over the                                             trees.  Choose a sky colour in a spot dye that is light, bright, or dull but not busy. Additional details and colour                                             examples will be part of the student letter.

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9849 St. Margaret’s Bay Road, Queensland, NS B0J 1T0

Confirmation of registration upon receipt of both registration form and payment.


CANCELLATION/      Deposit of $50.00 or your full payment is refundable prior to September 7, 2023, no refunds
REFUNDS:                 after September 7, 2023.

                                 Confirmation of registration upon receipt of registration form and payment.

**Any questions, please call Sherry Chandler @ 902-275-4743 or email