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 The Rug Hooking Artists of the Year for 2015 are Chizuko Hayami, Tokyo, Japan, and Diane Ayles, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada. 


We are very excited to have these two contemporary rug hooking artists as our honorees for 2015.  




My Labs by Chizuko Hayami


The Purple House by Diane Ayles






Diane AylesDiane Ayles

Diane Ayles is a professional artist residing in the heart of Muskoka,Ontario.  From her home studio, her pieces are created predominately in the medium of “Painting with Wool”.  Her pallet consists of hand dyed fibers that enhance the surface of linen.  Her artwork is a snapshot of the beauty served up by nature, which deepens her creativity.


One day while in search of a pallet, she found a new medium in the form of a wall hanging her mother-in-law had hooked and given to her as a gift. With a full tank of enthusiasm her journey into hooking began.


Diane feels very honoured in being recognized for her artistic abilities and achievements.  She has exhibited pieces from her collection in local and national venues and juried shows.  Her work has received an Award of Excellence by the Art Community for Best New Emerging Artist, Best in Textiles & Best in Show. 


She is a member of The Huntsville Art Society, Muskoka Arts & Crafts, and The Ontario Hooking Craft Guild, which has given her an opportunity to meet many wonderful artists.   Many of her pieces have been awarded internationally and published in A Needle Pulling Thread, Fiber Art Now and Celebration of Hand Hooked Rugs. 


“With an inherent base in art, I've been enchanted by the complexity and potential of hooking and its place as a fine art.” – Diane Ayles





Chizuko Hayami was born and raised inTokyo,Japan and lived inWestchester, NY from 1989 to 1994 with her family.  She started rug hooking in 1990 in NY and was taught by the late Ms. Dorothy Lotto.


Chizuko began teaching in 1994 at home in Tokyo, Japan. She started attending the Northern McGown Teachers’ Workshop in 1999 and is now a McGown certified teacher and a member of the National Guild ofPearlK. McGown Hookrafters.


She attended the Rug School in Nova Scotia, Canada in 2007 and is a member of the Rug Hooking Guild of Nova                                                     Scotia.


Chizuko has held the following exhibits:


          Chizuko’s Class Exhibit inTokyofrom 1998 to 2014 (every year and a half)

          Chizuko’s Individual Exhibit inTokyoin 2000

          Chizuko & Fumiko’s Joint Exhibit inKobein 2002

          Special Exhibit in Summer in 2003, 2004, 2008 (and in   2015)

          Christmas Exhibit inTokyo in 2006 and 2009


Chizuko has won the following hooking awards:

   2008 “Changing” Celebration XVIII - McGown National Exhibit award

   2009 “Japanese Crane” 1st prize of People’s Choice in Fall School Exhibit of RHGNS

  2010 “Japanese Crane” Celebration XIX–Show Case 

  2010 “My Labs” Visitor’s Choice Runner-up award in Fall School Exhibit of RHGNS

  2012 “Mae Morris” Celebration XXI

  2011 “Mae Morris” 1st prize of People’s Choice in Northern McGown Teachers’ Workshop exhibit

  2012 “Mae Morris” 1st prize of Readers’ Choice of Celebration of Rug Hooking Magazine

  2012 “My Labs” Celebration XXII-Show Case

  2012 Eye See You II---Penguin’s eye

  2013 “Masterful Morris” Celebration XXIII-Honorable Mention


Chizuko's Visit on May 19, 2015




 Chizuko005 Chizuko005

 Chizuko006 Chizuko006

 Chizuko007 Chizuko007       

Suzanne presenting the plaque                

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Chizuko008 Chizuko008

Suzanne, Chizuko & Councillor Matt Whitman

 Chizuko0010 Chizuko0010














 Suzanne with Chizuko and her friends under the new sign                                                                                     Home

 Chizuko0011 Chizuko0011