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Noah's Ark Exhibit

The remarkable "NOAH'S ARK" hooked/sculpture and some 104 hooked replicas of the animals and humans that marched two by two on the biblical version had several exhibition appointments to keep in the United States before proceeding to Ontario for a further exhibit and then to its final resting place in a special gallery at the Hooked Rug Museum of North America. The gallery also contains Mary Sheppard-Burton's hooked dragon rug, her teapot rug, which is called Luster, was the very first pattern Mary had Leonard design for her and it was the beginning of their collaboration and the very first pattern he ever made.  Mary collected Lusterware and he used them to design the pattern to her specs.   HRMNA will be creating detailed interpretive panels in co-operation with the donors, paying due credit to these two amazing artists and their supporters.

Mary and Leonard Feenan have both been strong backers of the Hooked Rug Museum project and have kept in touch with officials by telephone and email for several years, aiding with various aspects of research and providing various illustrations and historic data for mounting archival collections. Additional rare books from Mrs Burton's personal fiber arts reference library have also been committed in this outstanding contribution to North America's first Museum of Rug Hooking.

Noah's Ark

FAQ's about the Ark
1. Project began September 13, 2006
2. Ark constructed in 6 major sections
3. 30 inches wide
4. 36 inches in height
5. 70 inches in length
6. Overall height is 5 feet 7 inches
7. Total weight with base and animals, 331 pounds
8. 1000 popsicle sticks used on deckand rooftop construction
9. Hull construction materials include laminated plywood, birch veneer, plaster of paris, screws, staples, wood glue, polyurethane glue, plasticmolding, water base paint and glaze
10. Base construction includes 2 x 4 framing boards, screws, plywood, polystyrene foam, polyurethane glue, ROSCO FOAMCOAT © hardener, water base paint, faux stone coating
11. All finish trim, deck, roof, base was hand detailed, hand cut and carved
12. 7 individual hand hooked rugs werefitted to each section
13. There are 104 individual animals, people, and critters represented onthe entire project
14. Some animals required two patterns, for a total of 135 individual patterns
15. Mary Sheppard Burton hasaccomplished this project in her 87th year


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