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The Hooked Rug Museum is very proud to also present:



Frances Taylor of Black Rock, Nova Scotia


Frances TaylorFrances Taylor


Growing up in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, school and church were my two things I went to outside of home.  Having the surname of Arenburg gave me close connections to Lunenburg and a love of the “south shore.”  After high school and a business course, I spent many years working as a school secretary, and a post mistress for a while. 

Art was always my favorite pastime.  I started oil painting while still a teenager and continued for a number of years.  Then there was a period of quilt making and then a longer period of acrylic painting.  Community history became my passion which resulted in three books being published.

I went to a book signing of Doris Eaton’s book “A Lifetime of Hooking”.  She encouraged me to get started.  I think my first mat was in 2013.  So I have been hooking for 11 years. My interest is rug hooking and I really enjoy having the opportunity to participate in displays. As I reside at the water’s edge on the Bay of Fundy, most of my rugs have a nautical theme. 


I use dyed wool fabric obtained from the local shops and I love my Bolivar cutter.  I was given my Bolivar cutter as a Christmas gift, and the blade is a # 6.  That’s all I have used.  


When I start a rug I really don’t know how it will turn out.  I design as I go along and I make the sky tie in with the subject.  If there is a boat in the lower part, there will likely be a boat in the sky.  I also try to draw all the colours together.  I recently completed a mat as a tribute to the horses of Sable Island, I blended the horses on the land with the horses in the sky.  Lots of fun! This rug is included in the display of my hooked rugs here at the Museum. 


I appreciate the opportunity to showcase a selection of my hooked rugs at the Hooked Rug Museum of North America during the 2024 season.




Nautical Sunrise - Francis TaylorNautical Sunrise - Francis Taylor

 Tribute to Horses of Sable Island - Francis TaylorTribute to Horses of Sable Island - Francis Taylor




Nautical Sunrise
Designed and Hooked by Frances Taylor                                             Tribute to Horses of Sable Island
                                                                                                    Designed and Hooked by Frances Taylor



Crescent Beach - Frances TaylorCrescent Beach - Frances Taylor

Black Rock Lighthouse - Francis TaylorBlack Rock Lighthouse - Francis Taylor





















Crescent Beach                                                                                  Black Rock Lighthouse
Designed and Hooked by Frances Taylor                                                Designed and Hooked by Frances Taylor